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Posted on Sep 05— 1 month ago
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定めの解放者 アグロヴァル / 青き炎の解放者 プロミネンスグレア
Liberator of Destiny, Aglovale
"It is not an oath anymore. That’s right, It is destiny."
Grade 2 / United Sanctuary - Gold Paladin - Human
Power 9000
Shield 5000
Auto (Rearguard Circle): When this Unit attacks, if you have a Vanguard with “Bluish Flame” in its card name, this Unit gains 2000 Power during this battle.
Auto: [Counter Blast 1 Card] When this Unit appears in a Rearguard Circle, you can pay the cost. If you do, look at the top 5 cards of your Deck, search for up to 1 card with “Bluish Flame” in its card name, show it to your opponent, add it to your hand, then shuffle that Deck.

Bluish Flames Liberator, Prominence Glare
"Dance o azure flames that birth stars, Prominence Glare!"
Grade 3 / United Sanctuary - Gold Paladin - Cosmo Dragon
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Legion](20000)[“Liberator of Destiny, Aglovale”](If your opponent has a Grade 3 or higher Vanguard, once, this Unit can return 4 cards from your Drop Zone to your Deck, search your Deck for the designated card, and Legion with it.)
Auto (Vanguard Circle): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Choose 1 card in your hand with “Bluish Flame” in its card name, discard it.] When your Unit appears from the Deck, if this Unit is in a Legion, you can pay the cost. If you do, this Unit gains 1 Critical during this turn, and “Continuous (Vanguard Circle: During a battle in which this Unit attacks, your opponent cannot call Grade 1 or higher Units from the hand to the Guardian Circle.”
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Counter Blast 1 Card, Choose 1 of your Rearguards, Retire it.] Look at the top 4 cards of your Deck, search for up to 1 card with “Liberator” in its card name, then place the remaining cards at the bottom of your Deck in any order. This ability cannot be used again during this turn.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

《ゴールドパラディン》が得意とする山札からのコール時、カウンターブラスト1&「青き炎」のペルソナブラストで、クリティカル+1! さらに相手の「守護者」を封じる!! 発動条件は、自身の能力から簡単に満たせるので、相手ファイターのダメージが4枚以上になったら一気にファイナルターンを決めてしまおう!! 
レギオンメイトの「アグロヴァル」もパワーアップ! 「青き炎」に共鳴するパワーアップ能力のみならず、ペルソナブラストもばっちりサポート!! 
キーカードになる「青き炎」のユニットは、これまでに「青き炎の解放者 パーシヴァル」「青き炎の解放者 プロミネンスコア」が登場している。デッキ構築次第で、通常のペルソナブラストよりもはるかに狙いやすくできるはずだ。
アニメでは、ついにガイヤールが動乱の首謀者であるセラと激突! 青き炎の怒りが、平和を脅かす者たちに聖裁の審判を下す!!

Today’s cards we’re introducing are Galliard’s latest trump cards, the “Bluish Flame” Legion from Neon Messiah!
When a Unit is called from the top of the Deck, which is the Gold Paladin’s forte, you can Counter Blast 1 Card and then Persona Blast 1 “Bluish Flame” card to gain an additional critical! And you’ll also seal your opponent’s Sentinels!! Activating this ability is super easy since you can make it trigger with this card’s own ability, so you can potentially decide the game’s final turn once your opponent hits 4 or more damage!!
And its Legionmate, Aglovale, has also been powered up! Not only does its power-up resonate with the “Bluish Flame” cards, it can also support Persona Blasting!!
Your Key Cards in a Deck with these two become “Bluish Flame”, which also consist of “Bluish Flames Liberator, Percival” and “Bluish Flames Liberator, Prominence Core”. Depending on how you build your Deck, you should be able to Persona Blast much more easily than with any other Persona Blast based Deck.
In the anime, Galliard is finally clashing with Serra, who is the mastermind behind everything! The azure flames come to give holy, divine judgment on those who threaten peace!!

latonique said: I MISSED YOU SON



Posted on Sep 05— 1 month ago
Posted on Sep 05— 1 month ago

latonique yeligar

plantmom, mom…

ive returned from war

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"Oh god, Dad, I asked where not what were you doing, I can imagine what you’ve been doing. Not that I’d want to."

ask for one, get it all buddy

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"It’s been so long. Where in the world were you."

been out been about been suckin dick what else is new

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Wow it’s been a while.

slam DUNKS im full of surprises

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…2 months

my math isn’t that bad i promise

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